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As you know in IM everybody needs content. Marketers buy it, outsource it or write it on their own for websites, support blogs, Web2.0s, newsletters, optin reports, ebook products ...

Big Content Search has the largest private label content database available with over 128,000+ articles and 1,000+ ebooks, making it the perfect solution for every Internet Marketer.

It's integrated into many autoblogging plugins and autoposting softwares and it integrates the most popular article spinners for 1-click spintax download. This makes Big Content Search a great fit for every marketer's toolbox.

The $1 trial offer, very balanced pricing (after years of testing!) and recurring commissions end up making enormously high EPCs! Average EPC after almost two years is $3.41. And our latest private mailing had an EPC of $8.02!

Here are the results from our Zamurai Special Offer launch (March 2014):

zamurai epc

And here are the results from our latest private mailing (July 2014):

sr  epc

These are our total stats since moving to JVzoo in October 2012:

jvzoo Average EPC since 2012/10/15. EPCs of all three products had to be added up (since it's actually one product on one website).

Why Promote Big Content Search?

  • Unique Product. The biggest database of private label content available anywhere. Search, batch download, directly download spintax articles, fast and easy autoblogging are just a few of the unique features of Big Content Search.
  • Easy Conversions and High EPC. Easy sell with a trial offer and fantastic EPCs due to a mid price point, high retention rate and attractive OTOs.
  • World Class Support. Saturday, Sunday, evening or morning - if we're online, we're replying to support tickets. We've been praised by multiple members and some of them even commented on our support in their testimonials. You can be sure that your customers are in good hands.

Members Love Big Content Search!

Just our five favorite testimonials from more than 50 from REAL USERS (all on our testimonials' page).

- Lara Fabans, USA,

I recently started in affiliate marketing after retiring from the military and one of the best tools I discovered is Big Content Search.

I used to struggle to find quality content for my websites but not anymore! Big Content Search has an unbelievable article database with thousands of high quality PLR content that I use to quickly rewrite, spin and post to my affiliate websites. I like how it integrates with Spin Chimp and other spinning software, it has saved me a lot of time with my article creation. It couldn't get any better than this!

Thanks again for such a great service.

- John Connolly, USA

- Mark Stidham, USA,

I discovered Big Content Search thanks to a YouTube video. I am really happy to have joined!

It's a goldmine. I feel I belong to a community of like-minded people, learning a lot and passing on knowledge to others. You get bonuses, regular emails (if you so desire) and access to a wide range of well-written articles and ebooks of great value.

I recommend Big Content Search to bloggers, writers and all those interested in widening their knowledge.

And thank you very much for being considerate towards the visually-impaired community. I find the site very accessible overall.

- Hassan Erraji

- Myra Love, USA,

Earn up to $137.00 per Sale and
receive EPC up to $8.02

Big Content Search is available with three membership plans - Monthly ($37/mo), Yearly ($127/yr) and Longterm ($197). On average, 67% of sales are Monthly, 13% Yearly and 20% Longterm. In revenue terms Monthly brings 41%, Yearly 18% and Longterm 41%.

We also have a fantastic upsell which is a bundle of a service and plugin: Big Media Scraper which adds images and videos to articles and enriches text (bold, italic, headings) and WP Postly, a WordPress plugin that automatically sources articles from Big Content Search, sends them to Big Media Scraper and posts them on a blog. Customers can choose from $77 bundle or just $47 for the plugin. This works great for conversions and more then 95% choose the bundle.


Your net commission is calculated below.

Big Content Search - Monthly Plan$37/mo$18.75/mo
Big Content Search - Yearly Plan$127/yr$63.5/yr
Big Content Search - Longterm Plan$197$98.5
Big Media Scraper + WP Postly Plugin$77$38.5
WP Postly Plugin only$47$23.5

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Not only is Dejan a good looking bastard but he also knows how to take great care of his affiliates!

Ever since I did our first promo for his awesome product, I've been calling him "Conversion Ninja" -- and for a good reason! Over the last couple of months, integrations and mailings for Big Content Search have generated more than $40,000 in sales for us, and our users absolutely love the product!

- Aaron Sustar,

Dejan is a stand up guy and has a fantastic service with Big Content Search, which has always been a big hit with my members.

This is a product that performs well with any niche (everyone needs content!) but it is the quality that shines through, and means big commissions month after month.

- Carey Baird,

Working with Dejan has been one of the smoothest partnerships I've ever had. He took care of his end of the deal without me having to worry for a single second. He's a very knowledgeable marketer with great products and a strong team behind him.

It was an absolute pleasure to work with him.

- Joshua Zamora,

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