About Big Affiliate Program

Big Affiliate Program is an affiliate program for Big IM Toolbox products.

We started with Big Content Search, the first private label content search engine on the Internet. It is our flagship offer that still converts fantastic after 4 years on the market.

To complement Big Content Search we developed Big Media Scraper, a service that enriches content with rich text, videos and images. Something would be missing if you wouldn't be able to post automatic rich text to your blog, so we also developed a plugin, WP Postly, which does just that - sources content from Big Content Search, sends it to Big Media Scraper and then posts it to your blog. Big Media Scraper and WP Postly are an upsell to Big Content Search and convert very well.

Learn more about the Big Content Search affiliate program and the Big Media Scraper affiliate program (separate).

While it may look like an alternative to Big Content Search, Big Article Scraper fills a completely different need. While Big Content Search' private label content can be legally used on any blog, scraped articles are usually spun and submitted to third party websites. Most marketers will use Big Article Scraper for mass-backlinking with autosubmitter tools.

Learn more about the Big Article Scraper affiliate program.

WP Rewritely is a plugin meant for quick rewriting directly inside the edit post screen. It's interesting for those that rewrite content or correct mistakes made by article spinners. The offer converts well for Big Content Search customers.

Learn more about the WP Rewritely affiliate program.

We developed this plugin because we wanted a very simple review plugin that would create beatiful review tables. It's a breath of fresh air in a category of big and complicated plugins.

Learn more about the WP Review Plugin affiliate program.

Our Partners About Us


Not only is Dejan a good looking bastard but he also knows how to take great care of his affiliates!

Ever since I did our first promo for his awesome product, I've been calling him "Conversion Ninja" -- and for a good reason! Over the last couple of months, integrations and mailings for Big Content Search have generated more than $40,000 in sales for us, and our users absolutely love the product!

- Aaron Sustar, SpinRewriter.com

Dejan is a stand up guy and has a fantastic service with Big Content Search, which has always been a big hit with my members.

This is a product that performs well with any niche (everyone needs content!) but it is the quality that shines through, and means big commissions month after month.

- Carey Baird, FreshStoreBuilder.com

Working with Dejan has been one of the smoothest partnerships I've ever had. He took care of his end of the deal without me having to worry for a single second. He's a very knowledgable marketer with great products and a strong team behind him.

It was an absolute pleasure to work with him.

- Joshua Zamora, ZamuraiBlogger.com

About The Team

Dejan Murko, Big IM Toolbox co-founder

Dejan Murko - co-founder and project manager. Dejan [pronounced deyan] guides the development of Big IM Toolbox and takes care of marketing.

He founded his first online business, a local hobby eCommerce and community website in 2005. Since then he's helped build a global startup, a local young entrepreneur’s support center and co-founded NiteoWeb, a web development company where he managed several web projects ranging from corporate websites and CRMs to complex web systems.

In 2010 he saw the opportunity to develop advanced Internet Marketing tools. Everything started with Big Content Search, the first private label content searche engine. But it wasn’t until in late 2013 that the company completely focused on this niche.

Dejan writes the product blog on blog.bigimtoolbox.com.

Nejc Zupan, Big IM Toolbox co-founder

Nejc Zupan - co-founder and lead developer. Nejc [pronounced neytz] has been working with Plone, the framework that runs Big Content Search, since 2006. Since that time he has lectured at several Plone workshops, attended (and co-organized) Plone sprints and spoke at conferences. Nejc is a Plone Core contributor since 2010 and was nominated for the 2010 Help Channel Superstar.

Nejc is the "tech brain" behind every service we put out and he makes sure everything is running smoothly.

Team in the background. Beside the above core team, we work together with affiliate managers, affiliates, designers, developers, writers, virtual assistants and other support staff that help us run our business smoothly. While they might not have their faces here, they're every bit as important to the success of our business.

About the Company

The company behind Big IM Toolbox is NiteoWeb Ltd. We're a small web development company from central Europe (Slovenia). The company was founded in 2007 and has since been involved in many projects - from website and CRM development to custom systems for international clients.

In the beginning of 2010 we entered the Internet Marketing industry and have since been investing more and more resources into this lucrative business. In late 2013 we've stopped client work and are completely focusing on building the best tools for Internet Marketers.